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Welcome to the third revamp of "Golden Dragon," a character shrine dedicated to Filia Ul Copt from Slayers!! Navigate with the circles below, and use the Site Map (located above) to find your way around. Hopefully, you'll be able to find just about any Filia-related material that you could possibly want here. Enjoy ze shrine! ~ Chexyione

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March 8th, 2003
It's been an a very LONG time since Golden Dragon has been online, but WE'RE BACK! :D I've been hosted at, a growing Slayers project that features some great websites! Please change your links to, and take a moment to sign the guestbook! Thank you!

Data - After months and months of procrastination, the Filia/Xelloss section is finally finished! Be sure to read the argument on that page, as well as the newly installed pop-up links for X/F "scenarios." Enjoy!

Media - Several beautiful fanarts were added. Thanks to everybody who e-mailed me their artwork!

Site - The main collective (Livin' Wild) received a new layout a while back, but I forgot to mention it here. ^^; Also, the links section has been checked and updated.

Enjoy the update, everyone! :)

- Chexyione