March 8th, 2003
The Data section of Golden Dragon is the place where you'll find all sorts of information pretaining to Filia Ul Copt! :D Whether you're searching for simple stats or analytical essays, this is definitely the place to be. Enjoy, and I hope that you'll learn something during your stay!
  • Biography - Filia's life story, mission statement, past and present.
  • Persona - An analyzation of Filia's persona -- a complicated one indeed!
  • Magic - A study of Filia's exceptional magic skills. (Focus: Holy Magic.)
  • Love - An analytical look at Filia's inscrutable love life in the show.
  • Friends - Filia's hodge-podge of friends, aka the infamous Slayers!
  • Seiyuu - Learn about Kuwashima Houko, Filia's talented voice actress.
  • Why - Why do I love Filia Ul Copt? I shall count the ways! XD

Since I spent a lot of time writing the content within these sections, I request that you refrain from removing anything. However, if you disagree with my interpretations of the show, or if you find a mistake, do drop me a line and I'll be very grateful :) Thanks!

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