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Wai! What can I say? The Filia/Xelloss couple is my favorite anime couple EVER, so this essay is going to sound a tad bit biased. Viva Filia and Xelloss! *^^*


Filia and Xelloss: lifelong enemies since the beginning... and yet, there seems to be an emotion besides hatred that has sparked between these two. That emotion could very possibly be respect... perhaps a subtle appreciation... or maybe even a strange admiration. But, could it possibly be... love?

Ever since her adventures with Lina and Co. had begun, Filia had made it as clear as crystal that she wanted to have as little to do with Xelloss as possible. However, that was hardly possible, considering the Trickster Priest's annoying, comedic tactics and tag-a-long habits. And so, she was forced to endure traveling with the very being who had killed a great deal of her ancestors, so many years ago.

In order to stay true to her religion/race (but not necessarily to her heart), Filia openly showed an absolute hatred for Xelloss, and lashed out at him with a barrage of jeers, blames, and insults at every opportunity. He returned her vehement behavior, and together the two of them shared a timeless conflict between mazoku and ryuuzoku.

The real battle -- a conflict between fate and reality, a battle between authentic love and synthetic hate -- has begun.

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If all you readers out there can just rid yourselves of the logic that confines this wonderful couple, then you will realize that Filia and Xelloss are indeed perfect for each other! Exactly what do I mean by "confining logic?" Well, one must recall that Xelloss is a mazoku, and mazoku cannot love. (Whereas, ryuuzoku are able to love.) So, in order for this couple to work, one must completely FORGET about Xelloss' character restrictions, and think of him almost as a human being. If you can find it within yourself to think of Xelloss as the happy, giddy, and sometimes vindictive/evil character whom he protrays throughout the anime, then you are set to go.

Filia & XellossFilia and Xelloss complement each other so well that it's not even funny. (Actually, it kind of is. ^_^) The ideology of "opposites attract" is very evident in the Slayers world, and Filia and Xelloss are as opposite as two characters can possibly be. So, in order to justify a possible romance between these two, one should start by taking a detailed look at some of the key hints and evidence shown throughout the many Xelloss/Filia scenes:

(Be sure to read them all before moving on!)

Why are Filia and Xelloss perfect for each other?

  • Well, Scenario #1 indicated that Filia and Xelloss often argue over menial subjects (rather childish, eh?) -- much like a married couple.
  • Scenario #2 illustrated that Filia and Xelloss have more in common that one may think -- they reacted simultaneously, and said the exact same things!
  • In Scenario #3, we see that Filia always has Xelloss on her mind. Of all people, why would she want to think of the single being whom she despises more than anybody else? The answer is simple: she doesn't hate him entirely.
  • I absolutely adore Scenario #4! It is the anchor that all X/F fans use in their debates! I mean, NO ONE saw this scene coming -- Filia and Xelloss, lifelong enemies, saving each other from death?! This scenario really tells you something about the relationship that they share... I mean, they could have just left one another to die.
  • Scenario #5 depicts a rather unexpected series of events, as well. Of all people whom Filia could have beared her lovely smile at... it had to be Xelloss? Even after he gently teased her, too. Awww...

Hopefully, these scenario analyses helped you realize some of the evidence leading up to this conclusion: "Filia and Xelloss are a match among superb matches!" :P

Filia & XellossBut, even after all that, I am sure that there are still a few of you thinking: "How can she just blantantly FORGET the fact that Xelloss is a mazoku?!" The answer is simple. Keep in mind that the Slayers anime certainly is not romantically oriented (in my humble opinion, it is nearly all comedy), and that is why the steadfast fans of the show have taken the liberty of writing fanfictions donating both traditional and alternate pairings (some that are hardly plausible at all), sometimes omitting the facts. If a fan takes the rules so seriously that he/she refuses to accept otherwise, then the creativity, enjoyment, and ultimately -- the fun of writing fanfiction/essays would be gone. Because the Slayers anime has shown such little romance for fans to build off of, the fans must create their own foundation. My point? There is no such thing as a "romantic fanfic" that follows ALL of the rules.

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