Here is Filia's biography -- a comprehensive document that should thoroughly inform you of all the key things that you should know about her:

Name: Filia Ul Copt
    Alternative(s): Firia Uru Coputu, Philia
    Alias: Dragon Maiden, that cute dragon girl
Age: approximately 500 yrs
Talents: Savvy in Holy Magic
Likes: Tea, her trusty mace
Dislikes: Xelloss, unjust world issues

    an inside look

Introduced When?
Since her debut in the beginning of the TRY Series, Filia has snagged center-stage, showering the Slayers storyline with a subtle maturity. Her dignified demeanor and desire for justice, when teamed with her timeless beauty, graces the Slayers World. As a proud and worthy member of the Golden Dragons, Filia Ul Copt is not a character to be taken lightly.

Filia as a dragon! XP Filia Ul Copt is a proud member of the Golden Dragons, but is most commonly seen in her cute human form. When angered, she can easily transform into her much more intimidating/larger dragon form, which can be described as a cute, gold-toned dragon with blonde hair and a pink bow on its tail. However, her transformation to a human is never throrough; for her dragon tail (with the cute bow on it) always remains visible, and she also maintains the same weight and strength. The belief that Filia is the only remaining Golden Dragon is widely accepted by Slayers fans... although, I believe that there's a slight chance that there are still a handful more Golden Dragons scattered throughout the world.

Perhaps one of the key things that has credited towards Filia's closed-mindedness (but she does change as the series progresses) is her strong religious views. Being the... erm, how should I put this -- "abnormally, overly holy" dragon that she is, Filia strongly and stubbornly believes that Ryuuzoku are the superior race of the world. Upon first sight, this showing of close-mindedness makes Filia appear rather shallow and pompous. ^^; But in reality, she is neither of those things. Although Filia was brought up to believe in the superiority of her own race/religion, she does become more penitent, especially after she discovered the cause of the demise of the Ancient Dragons.

Filia is rather... obsessed with saving the world and righting all unjusticies. (A bit like Amelia; save the justice speeches.) She does this namely because it is the decree of her religion (which may sound like a rather odd reason, I know ^^;;), and because it is believed by Ryuuzoku to be the... how should I say -- "holy" thing to commit one's self to. Once more, I must stress and reiterate that Filia is a very religious individual, and all her morals and beliefs revolve around religion.

Xelloss & Filia Filia can be a bit judgemental at times, but considering that a certain somebody killed off a great deal of her race so long ago, it is understandable that she would take such presumptious views. Catch my drift, yet? Xelloss, the mazoku that we all know and love -- Filia hates him with the utmost passion. She makes no effort whatsoever to conceal her undying hatred; and feeds off of his frustration, insecurity, and anger. Ironically enough, the large number of scenes between these two has sparked quite a few romantic beliefs among fans, and they are oftentimes viewed as a traditional Slayers couple. (For more, head to the love section.)

Filia is extremely tenacious, stubborn, and self-righteous, and sometimes a bit selfish. But, at the same time, she is very compassionate. For a detailed look at her personality, go here.

A Beautiful Character!
In short, Filia Ul Copt is a spunky, kind-hearted Dragon Maiden that hopefully, in time, all Slayers fans will come to love. She graces the Slayers world with a set mind, and leaves an awe-struck expression on all who cross her path. *^^*

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