Filia's character is very developed and dynamic, and she shows many emotions -- some that are protrayed by actions that aren't quite clear. So, here's a lengthy character analysis that I whipped together, in an attempt to understand a very complex persona.


Spirited and Motivated
Filia is very proud of her indentity and duty, and takes her role in the universe very seriously. She is basically self-motivated on saving the world, and her tenacity (she is as stubborn as a rock, you know) only pushes her further onward. Many times, her stubborness has shown a few unsightly traits, for she can sometimes be a bit unnegotiable. But for the most part, she is simply a strong-minded, compassionate individual who cares a lot about the people around her.

Compassionately Caring
A wistful Filia... Despite her strong beliefs and unimpeded temper, Filia is a very kind-hearted dragon. For example, she accepted and understood the wrong-doings of her race when she discovered the truth about Valgarv. She felt sorrow and sympathy for him... and yet, she was sensible enough to understand what was right, and devastatingly took a part in his destruction. But in the end, everything resolved happily, for Valgarv was reborn as a baby dragon -- and raised by a very caring mother: Filia. :D

Occasionally Corny
What can I say? Filia is a COMPLETE sap for corny romances. ^_^ This notion is very easily proven by the fact that Filia has probably never really been commited to anybody before, and by the fact that Filia is such a softie for tragedies. Remember Marco and Sara, the two little kids who shared a temporary (VERY temporary) love? Well, upon hearing their tragic story, Filia became all googly-eyed and mushy in demeanor, while comtemplating what a beautiful thing it was to be in love. ^^;; Sheesh.

Explosive Temper
Filia's kinda p'oed... Oooh... Filia is NOT somebody that you'd want to anger. (Of course, if you're Xelloss, then it is basically inevitable.) Although she can stay relatively composed most of the time, when her anger is aroused (oftentimes, Xelloss is the cause), she can get rather violent. Her temper is unmollifiable, uncontrolable, and needless to say, incredibly dangerous. During one scene, Filia became so angry with Xelloss that she transformed into a dragon just so that she could smash him to a pulp. Instead, she ended up destroying an entire village -- everything except for Xelloss. That just goes to show how wild her temper really is.

The gods say that Filia and Xelloss belong together! Yes; as much as some Filia fans hate to admit it, Filia does routinely become a tad bit selfish. On what grounds do I say this? Well, for the most part, Filia has a tendency to drag the rest of the group on a "mission of goodness," whether they like it or not. She sometimes thinks about herself before thinking of the rest of the group -- several times, she has refused to do something simply because Xelloss was involved, without giving a second thought to the well-being of everybody else. Overall, Filia has a very tenacious nature and a set mind, so it is pretty hard to talk her into doing things she doesn't want to.

Typically Blonde
Minako & Filia: Twins separated at birth! Question: Doesn't Filia kind of remind you of Aino Minako from Pretty Soldiers Sailormoon? You know, the pretty blue eyes and blonde hair... the corny reactions to romance... the strong sense of independent tenacity... the kind-heartedness -- it's a conspiracy, I tell ya! They're twins separated from birth! o.o Okay, maybe that was a bit too presumptious a claim to make, but the point is this: Filia does sometimes lean towards the ideal description of a "typical anime blonde." Of course, she's also very unique and specialized in her own way... but the many resemblances between her and Minako are rather uncanny. :p


Overall, Filia is a charming, caring dragon with a steel will and a lovable personality. She takes her goals in life with seriousness and timeless tenacity... and yet, she never forgets the importance of her friends, or loses her admirable compassion. Strong and loving, Filia Ul Copt is truely a beauty; a peragon of human (or dragon... ^^) nature.

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