Happy Filia!Here at the Sounds section, you can download a bunch of .wav files of Filia's beautiful voice (japanese only, of course) and listen to them over and over again! Please note that I merely collected these files, so true credit of creation goes to places such as Slayers Sound Archives and Dragon Girl. If you want to use these sounds, please credit the creators, and don't direct link. Thanks, and happy downloading!

download dialogue
lost-mace.wav Filia: "Pardon my rudeness, but... um, uh, well... there was something... I left yesterday, and..."
Zelgadis: "Is this it?"
Filia: "YES!! OH, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oh, thank goodness it's back! Thank goodness!"
namagomi.wav Xelloss: "Anou, Filia-san, was it? So, how's Karyuuou-san these days?"
Filia: "AAAAHHH! Don't set one foot outside this line! You cockroach! You NAMAGOMI!"
Xelloss: "Namagomi?"
Filia: "You come near us and you'll be sorry! Lina-saaaaan!"
Xelloss: "...Namagomi?"
xel-argue.wav Filia: "No! We absolutely must take the path to the right!"
Xelloss: "Oh, really? Well, I think the path to the left is the best one!"
Filia: "Ohhhh no."
Xelloss: "'Ohhhh no?'"
violent.wav Xelloss: "The Ryuuzoku just love to resort to violence when they can't get their way." (laughs)
tickle.wav Judge: "Take that! C'mon, c'mon! Show your true form!"
Filia: "What the-? Are they just making fun of me?"
yourfault.wav Filia: "This is your fault."
Xelloss: "Eh?"

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