I have always loved browsing through the "fanart" sections of fansites. ^^ Why? Because there are so many talented artists in the Slayers community -- and some have been featured on this page in recognition of their beautiful Filia fanart! This portfolio is still small though, so if you have fanart (solo ones of Filia, perferably), then send them in -- show off your talent! :P

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artist thumbnail description
Lina Graywards Filia's just sitting around, pondering.
Michelle A pencil drawing of Filia with her mace.
Michelle Yet another drawing of Filia standing around with mace-sama!
Michelle A pensive Filia, with her hair flowing prettily.
Princess Nepha Filia looks straight at the viewer with wonder in her eyes.
Dira How cute! Filia's wearing a pretty pink dress.
Dira An elegant profile of Filia's face.

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Note: Please don't post these fanarts on your own website without consent from the original artists!

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