Filia looking determined!Why love this beautiful, spontaneous, abnormally intelligent, strong willed, astoundingly powerful dragon girl? (I think I just gave all the reasons away, already... o.O) Well, how can you not love her? But, if you are still contemplating whether or not to adore Filia to pieces, here's a list of reasons why! ^^ (By the way, suggestions for this section are always welcome!)

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1.) She's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in her human form, no questions asked.

2.) Her dragon form is so adorable and cute -- don't you love the pink bow on her tail?

3.) She's well-prepared when danger rears its ugly head (big mace underneath skirt... owwie...).

4.) She has actually succeeded in making Xelloss angry -- quite a feat on its own!

5.) She's on the side of good, steadfastly endeavoring towards righting all wrongs!

6.) Her firey temper rises and falls at the drop of a hat -- more so than Lina's!

7.) She's understanding, knowing what Valgarv has been through and all.

8.) She had the insight and loving heart to realize the wrong doings of her race, and wanted to right the wrongs that they caused.

9.) Filia + Xelloss = Love. Nothing that you say or do could change my mind about that. *^^*

10.) Her attire may not be "a la mode," but she dresses very modestly, unlike certain people... such as Naga?

11.) The Mace. You gotta love mace-sama! (submitted by Michael)

12.) She's an expert at Cat's Cradle! (submitted by Michael)

13.) She has a beautiful singing voice! Listen to "Somewhere" and you'll know what I mean! (submitted by Tina)

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