With her lovable nature and steadfast ambition, it is quite obvious that Filia Ul Copt would have many friends! Here is a list of the many companions Filia travels with during the TRY Series:

The Notorious Bandit Killer : Lina Lina Inverse - In my opinion, Lina bears more resemblance to Filia than any other Slayers character, which takes a part in explaining why they are such close friends. Throughout the Original and NEXT seasons, it appears that Lina is the main heroine and leader. But, a sharp turn is made in TRY, for Filia seems to swipe center stage, taking her turn in leading the group on their wild adventures. So, I guess you could almost say that Filia fills in for Lina's role in the TRY season.

The Idiot Swordsman : Gourry Gourry Gabriev - Conduct between Gourry and Filia is pretty frequent, and it almost always ends up involving some kind of humor. A good example would be whenever Gourry looks up Filia's dress (not pervertedly, through; he's just curious about her tail), and Filia would smack him in defense, shouting out "Hentai!!!" Heh. Now, that's comedy!

The Hyperactive Princess: Amelia Amelia Saillune - Hey, it's my favorite character! (Next to Filia, of course. ^^) Amelia is the enduring princess of Saillune, and she obviously shares Filia's opinions about spreading justice, righting wrongs, and making the world as utopian as possible. Her justice tactics are, needless to say, very enthusiastic; and it is this mutual crossover of goals that justifies the friendship between Filia and Amelia. But, they're both probably a bit closer to Lina.

The Cynical Chimera: Zelgadis Zelgadis Graywards - Zel and Filia are pretty much oblivious to each other... they don't interact too much. (They do, however, share a fervor for tea...) But, there are a few comedic moments between the two -- such as that time when Filia whacked Zelgadis with her mace, and sent him flying into the air and bouncing off everything in sight! Filia may very well be the only member of the crew who can get away with doing something like that. *^^*

The Trickster Priest : Xelloss Xelloss - Heh... I know, I know. Xelloss hardly qualifies as a friend of Filia, but these two probably have the most interesting "relationship" in the entire anime! Enemies since the beginning of time (okay, maybe not; but for a REALLY long time), they fight, insult each other, and bicker constantly. But in the end, it seems that these two have saved each other more than any other duo in all of Slayers! Strange, eh?

The Ancient Dragon : Valgarv Valgarv - Valgarv and Filia share a very profound relationship, with Valgarv being the adopted "son" of Filia. (Technically, it was Valteria, but you get my point.) When Filia struck truth and realized that her race (the "perfect" Golden Ryuuzoku) had commited mass genecide on the Ancient Dragons so long ago, she felt dejected and lost. But eventually, she started to develop a sensation of sympathy for dear Valgarv. That is why she felt so unconfident and dispondent when she needed to combine her powers with the others to take part in Valgarv's destruction -- an event that pulled at her heart-strings and filled her with sorrow.

Days, weeks, and months passed, and Filia remained dejected. Then one day, a string of pure-snow feathers fell from the sky... and thus came the rebirth of Valgarv, in the amiable form of a tiny dragon. Filia then took custody of Valgarv, and raised him like any caring mother would. (Aww... ^^)

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